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Projects for the good of the community

The Mission Statement of Sheridan Construction includes: "We will give back to the community the good fortune that it has given the company and we will encourage our employees to do the same." One of the ways we walk the walk is helping on projects, where ever we can, on a pro bono basis. This help can be a total donation of a project, such as the house we built for Habitat For Humanity to celebrate our 60th birthday; to the donation of project management services; to donations of material, labor and services. Here you will see some of the examples:

Tattnall Square Fountain Tattnall Square Park Fountain
Cherry Street Plaza Cherry Street Plaza
Habitat House Habitat House
Ocmulgee Trail Ocmulgee Trail North 2
Rebuilding Together Rebuilding Together
Rose Hill Cemetery Gatehouse Rose Hill Cemetery Gatehouse
St. Francis Sign St. Francis Church Sign
St. Joseph Church Handicap Entrance St. Joseph Church Handicap Entrance
Wesleyan College Arboretum Wesleyan College Arboretum
Wesleyan Matthews Athletic Center Wesleyan Matthews Athletic Complex
Boy Scouts Camp Ben Hawkins Amphitheater Boy Scouts Camp Ben Hawkins Amphitheater