Sheridan ConstructionAssociated General Contractors - 100% Employee-owned
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Mission and Culture

The guiding principle of Chris Sheridan Sr. in 1947 when he founded his company was simple: Take care of those who give you work and take care of those who do the work. From his simple guidance our mission became clear.


Our Mission is to be the leading quality construction company wherever we operate. We operate in both the low bid and negotiated markets and we never cease to pursue our stated goal within those markets. Our business is a service business, and we serve by providing excellence in every aspect of the construction process.

We do so by providing measurable benefits to the following:

  • Our Clients - We will provide value through a combination of the highest level of quality that the owner desires and competitive pricing. We will cooperate with the owner throughout the construction process, and we will make every effort to understand, and then satisfy his needs.
  • The Design Consultants - We will become a team with them. Our people will thoroughly understand the building process and will work with the design consultants on a professional level.
  • Our Employees - We will recognize, respect and reward their achievements. We will encourage their development so they can realize their full potential.
  • Our Subcontractors and Suppliers - We will treat them with the same respect and professionalism with which we wish to be treated.
  • The Community - We will provide a product that will be a credit to the owner and community for ages to come. We will give back to the community the good fortune that it has given the company and we will encourage our employees to do likewise.


Our culture is inextricably linked to our mission. We first must take care of our clients and our whole focus is to provide them with the best long term solution to their facilities needs and to back up those solutions long after the standard one year warranty. It takes employees who love the details of building to achieve this goal. It then takes constant training and a safe collaborative atmosphere to translate this training meaningful behavior in the field.

Our employees own our company through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Every employee truly feels ownership in the company and knows that in order for the company to succeed, they must feel ownership in every project we do for our clients.

We measure the effectiveness of our Mission and our Culture by our results:

  • By far, the bulk of our business comes from repeat clients with many relationships going back over 60 years.
  • All of our projects are finished on or ahead of schedule.
  • Our projects are built with safety first and foremost and our workers' compensation insurance modifier is 0.83
  • In the history of our company we have never had a legal dispute with a client.
  • We receive many awards for our work.¬†The best of these is a steady stream of unsolicited letters and comments from our clients.
  • The best salesmen are these clients who spread the word of their experience with Sheridan Construction
  • We are noted in the community as being a major force for productive change.